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2020-10-01 16:23:35

National Day, Mid Autumn Festival, double blessing to send, may the national day family day and you celebrate, the festival is good to share with you, moon cake with food, moon appreciation, festival with joy, national day with more send, wish you happy every day!
The full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival is a happy family!

2020-09-28 23:13:21

The moon cake is round, which symbolizes reunion and implies happy reunion. It reflects people's good wishes for family reunion.
The implication of moon cake in Mid Autumn Festival

2020-08-24 15:44:26

"Tanabata"isthedaywhen NiulangandZhinumeetinthesky,whichisthe"Valentine'sDay"ofDuChina.  TheseventhdayofJulyistheValentine'sdayof peopleinChina.SomepeoplecallitQiqiaoFestival,qiqixiordaughter'sday. 
The origin and customs of the Double Seventh Festival
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