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2021-02-09 13:55:26

I wish our enterprise a more brilliant tomorrow, I wish you a happy new year, all the best!
Happy New Year!

2021-01-23 23:29:41

The emergence of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in 2020, which brought the "black swan" to the world, has brought more adverse currents to economic globalization. The simultaneous contraction of Global trade investment scale and total economic output has aroused concern of all parties. The United Nations Conference on Trade and development called in the trade and development report 2020 that if there is no radical policy to reactivate trade and capital flows, the recovery and development resilience of the global economy will face enormous pressure.

This call has received a strong response by the end of 2020. Following the formal signing of the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) on November 15, 2020, the leaders of China and the EU jointly announced on December 30 the completion of the China EU investment agreement negotiations on schedule, which undoubtedly injected strong momentum into the post epidemic global economic development.
China EU pragmatic cooperation injects strong momentum into the global economy after the epidemic

2020-12-26 18:20:01

The recently concluded central economic work conference called for the construction of a new development pattern. Next year, we should take a good first step and see a new atmosphere. As the world's second largest economy and the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth this year, China's construction of a new development pattern and the promotion of reform and opening up at a higher starting point will provide a broader market and more new opportunities for development for all countries in the world.
 A new start for China
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