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BONFIRE Prime 500 42” Gas Grill

Product description

The BONFIRE Prime 500 is the high performance top of our premium grill line. Featuring durable 304 stainless steel construction with  five cast stainless steel burners and an infrared back burner, the BONFIRE Prime 500 generates 87,000 BTU of grilling power with quality and features that challenge the best grills available.


The BONFIRE Prime 500 provides zone dividers to regulate different temperatures, inside halogen  lighting, and decorative LED control panel lights. The expert craftsmanship of the BONFIRE Prime 500 features outstanding  fit and  finish including polished edges that add shine and luster.


Top value and premium quality all backed by a LIFETIME warranty. Each BONFIRE Prime 500 comes with a large capacity smoker box. Sear burner is optional. Comes in built-in and cart versions. Includes free rotisserie kit and quality cover. Also include LP/NG conversion tool. 



•All 304 stainless steel construction

•Double layer hood

•Five cast stainless steel burners with an infrared rear burner produce 87,000 BTU total.

•Blue LED knob lights, halogen cooking surface lights and heat dividers.

•760 square inches main cooking area plus a warming rack

•Flame thrower ignition

•Comes with smoker box, rotisserie kit and cover

•Optional sear burner

•Limited lifetime warranty