Help enterprises boost light industry to seize new opportunities of RCEP

2023-03-03 13:40

In order to implement the important deployment of the State Council on "strengthening the training on the implementation of the agreement", the Ministry of Commerce held the second online special training on the regional comprehensive economic partnership agreement (RCEP) from March 22 to 23. The training focuses on the impact of RCEP on the industry, helps local and enterprises get familiar with the contents and rules of the agreement, improves the management level and policy utilization ability, and enhances the ability to participate in international cooperation and competition.

The China Federation of light industry attaches great importance to this special training, and Zhang Chonghe, President of the Federation, personally instructed that the corresponding organization work should be done well. In order to implement president Zhang's instructions and promote more member enterprises to understand RCEP, China Light Industry Federation actively took the lead in organizing more than 520 people to participate in online special training, including 30 national industry associations such as leather, wine, home appliances, musical instruments, 4 local industry associations, and 37 member enterprises such as Haier Group, Guizhou Maotai, Yanjing Beer, etc.

During the training, Yu Benlin, director of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce, gave a comprehensive explanation on the overall situation of RCEP and how enterprises can effectively seize the opportunity. Yu Benlin pointed out that enterprises should seize the opportunities brought about by the agreement and properly respond to the challenges. We should fully understand the impact of trade in goods on industrial development, make good use of the cumulative rules of origin, and deeply participate in the dynamic adjustment of industrial chain supply chain; we should seize the new opportunities brought by RCEP service industry and investment opening, improve the management level and agreement utilization ability, and enhance the ability to participate in international cooperation and competition; we should deeply explore favorable policies, make full use of various dividends, and maximize the effectiveness of RCEP power.

Guo Yongxin, Executive Secretary General of China Light Industry Federation, attended the lecture at the main venue of the Ministry of Commerce. He introduced the opportunities and challenges to light industry brought by RCEP agreement, and put forward the countermeasures. He pointed out that the full implementation of RCEP will promote the foreign trade and industry development of light industry. But at the same time, RCEP will also bring two challenges to the light industry: one is the outward transfer of low-end and labor-intensive industries in the domestic value chain; the other is the investment and construction of high-end industries in foreign value chain in China, which will lead to more fierce competition with Chinese enterprises in the Chinese market. Guo Yongxin gave five suggestions on how to deal with the challenges of light industry: first, to lay out the industry in the whole region; second, to take international standards as the pass to expand exports; third, to deal with trade frictions well; fourth, to increase brand recognition and enhance brand value; fifth, to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and enhance the value of industrial chain.

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